“Winning the argument, she said, involved changing language.”

And defeating the “argument” involves refusing to dignify any of their ridiculous invented language, so much of which has creeped into mainstream discourse.

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This whole lie can’t be sustained thankfully. The truth will always out, it’s just how many children have to be harmed before it does 😣.

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“Pooby pause-pause” perhaps?

Reality is transphobic.

Fantastic article.

Restack this gem.

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I find it interesting that they don’t want to tell the truth... if the truth helps children, why not shout it from the roof tops? Where are all the happy kids, now adults that changed sex and are living fulfilled lives? I think to gay marriage- it was beneficial to society to include homosexuals in the rite of marriage. We as a society can see same sex married couples living happy, healthy lives. Not so for trans people- we see angry, unhealthy, miserable people. The reason the phrase “puberty blockers” isn’t working is because blocking puberty IS harmful.

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It’s so Big Brother like. Sunlight is the best disinfectant!

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I started to comment but it got long so I posted about it instead (https://inconvenientwoman.substack.com/p/dont-get-distracted?sd=pf). Essentially, I'm afraid that if we get distracted from the misogyny at the root of child medicalization, it will continue in other ways. Women and girls have been getting surgeries due to sexual objectification for a long time. Women and girls were being involuntarily sterilized before child gender surgery and puberty blockers and will likely continue to be. To protect children, we need to respect and protect mothers. To respect and protect mothers, we must respect and protect all women.

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Damn. up to 40% were on board with drugging kids? Still pretty scary.

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I just sent the following email to Change Research:

"If your recent poll on transgender ideas shows that the American people are horrified by such things as kids being given puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones and having gender-affirming surgeries, the question is, why aren't YOU horrified by these things too?

"Transgender activists have done a very good job of conveying the idea that being a trans kid is some kind of existential torture that must be treated immediately, even before the child grows up -- and that the only treatment is "affirmative care". But there isn't a lot of evidence for that. There is, however, evidence that many kids with trans feelings outgrow those feelings and eventually accept their sex as their gender -- and that is as it should be, since being trans is not the happiest life. Giving kids with trans feelings "affirmative care" is not creating happy trans people, it is creating unhappy detransitioners.

"I am a gay man and a liberal Democrat, but the Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue. Children do not have the emotional maturity to determine their gender for the adult yet to come. Changing genders (which isn't actually possible) should be an adult decision. Kids need to be told that. They need to wait until they are 18 to take any action. The idea that being told to wait will make them commit suicide is just an unproven talking point from trans activists. I suspect that there are more detransitioners committing suicide than there are children who have been told "wait until you are 18". Children are accustomed to waiting to become adults to do the things they want to do.

"It is especially important that kids be made to wait because BEING TRANS HAS BECOME A FAD AMONG KIDS. What that means is that most kids who say they are trans are not trans at all, but are allowing themselves to be influenced.

"You are on the wrong side of this issue. Forget about re-branding puberty-blockers to make them more palatable to the public. That isn't going to work. The truth about the harmful effects of these drugs is gradually coming out. Instead of pushing the trans narrative, you need to see that much of the trans narrative is harmful to society -- harmful to children, and unfair to women.

"So, back to my original question: Why doesn't it horrify YOU that emotionally disturbed kids are being medically abused by doctors who have found a new way to make money? Children need to be allowed to grow up naturally, and the fact that you don't see that is an indication that your values are wrong."

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I do not comply with their preferred language. Women 's vaginas are not 'bonus holes', either, how insulting! This whole gender rabbit hole revealed itself to me 2yrs ago when a woman told me her preferred (male) pronouns. I told her I don't play pronoun games, she hung up the phone and I checked into stuff. Absolutely, sunshine is the best disinfectant. great post.

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I add, as always, the women and children hurt by cross-sex ideology's demonization of women who do not jump on the bandwagon as cheerleader after discovery of her husband's sudden obsession with crossdressing and spending family money on this all-consuming activity. Of 40 women in my study exploring our experiences with our newly "identifying" husbands and their therapists, 9 of us, almost 25%, experienced financial devastation by his secret spending. In one case, he cleaned out the college fund recently started for his toddler son. The therapists go so far as to submit defamatory affidavits about a woman never met, never spoken to, in the legal process of divorce, claiming also that any anguish the children may express in the future is certainly the mother's fault.


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Jul 12, 2023Liked by Eliza Mondegreen

I've read research that shows removing breasts and hysterectomies increases the risk of early Onset dementia. The earlier the procedure, the more severe the dementia. It's also worse if both breasts are cut off. All those young girls......!

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Democrats please listen at least consider the children, over the gender affirming consumer industry.

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We need a Top Ten list of rebranding ideas for puberty blockers

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Eliza for President! ...or Queen :o)

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Though it's encouraging that the trans cause is so widely unpopular, the lack of broad popular support for measures such as puberty blockers and double mastectomies means little in a state like Oregon, where Democrats control the legislature and governor's office.

For example, earlier this year Republicans in the state senate walked out to prevent the passage of a bill that would have expanded access to so-called gender affirming medicine to minor without parental knowledge and consent, among other things.

Not having the Governor's phone number or direct personal access to my representatives in the Capitol building, I did the only thing I could do. I wrote my representative, Tawna Sanchez. This is what I said:


Dear . . . Representative Sanchez:

I am one of your constituents. I am also a member of the Democratic Party, a Biden voter, a man who is gay, a grandfather and a retired attorney.

I am writing to ask that you oppose legislation that would allow minors to receive so-called gender affirming care with or without the consent of their parents. I am not making this request because I am some sort of transphobic monster who has been brainwashed by Ron DeSantis and MAGA extremists.

No, I am opposed to giving puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors claiming to be trans because, in spite of what trans activists and their allies might say, gender-affirming medicine is a very new practice that is still experimental and unproven. No sound double-blind scientific studies have shown that puberty blockers and/or cross-sex hormones are safe, effective and/or necessary. A number of European nations that used to embrace gender medicine have recently retreated and are either suspending the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones or restricting their use.

Bear in mind that several studies have demonstrated that most gender-nonconforming kids and youth with gender dysphoria will outgrow their condition during adolescence. Many, like me, will turn out to be gay. I was a very sissy little boy in the late 1950s and 1960s. I did not like to play sports. I threw away my cap guns. I loved my Barbie and her outfits. I was fortunate that I had open-minded parents who did not try to force me to be more masculine and were kind to me. I am equally lucky that nobody then had such a strict view of sex roles that they pressured my parents to transition me to a little girl. Today I am a masculine gay man. Gender-affiming medicine would have ruined my life.

Though trans activists vehemently deny it, I firmly believe that many of the children and teens claiming to be trans are not in fact trans but victims of social contagion and/oer indoctrination at school and elsewhere. The last thing they need is for health-care providers to put them on potentially harmful drugs for the rest of their lives. A worryingly high large percentage of youth who say they are trans are on the autism spectrum, and it's not known why. Other minors have undiagnosed mental health problems or difficult home lives that might be manifesting themselves as a trans identity. That's why it is essential to take a slow and cautious approach with gender dysphoric youth and determine whether or not they are actually trans with the help of mental health experts and mental health therapists instead of taking their word for it.

I know you have many obligations, but I urge you to listen to the podcast "Gender: A Wider [Lens]." In it, two gender-critical therapists have dispassionate discussions about the many facets of gender identity. https://gender-a-wider-lens.captivate.fm/


What was the response? Nothing more than the same old deceptive trans talking points:

"Thank you also for taking the time to detail to your opposition to the portion of HB 2002 that protects gender-affirming care for minors, and for sharing these resources. HB 2002 only expands gender-affirming care without parental consent to youth over the age of 15, and does so to protect youth whose parents may not support their decision to seek such care."

"While I hear your concerns regarding puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, I think it is worth noting that every leading medical association in the United States supports such care, including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatry Association, and the Endocrine Society. This study from the Journal of Adolescent health, along with several other studies, supports a relationship between access to gender-affirming care and lower rates of depression and suicidality among transgender and nonbinary youth."

Not wanting these trans lies to go unanswered, I replied by quoting a recent Atlantic article titled "A Teen Gender Care Debate is Spreading Across Europe." https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2023/04/gender-affirming-care-debate-europe-dutch-protocol/673890/

Needless to say, Rep. Sanchez's staffer did not respond. The depth and breadth of trans capture in our institutions is staggering. Ron DeSantis has gotten one thing right. I'm not sure that he came up with the idea, but he's spot on when he talks about the pernicious consequences of the woke mind virus. A better way to express this is to say that the progeny of critical theory such as critical race theory and queer theory really do act like viruses in the way they infect organizations and turn them into propagators of the ideology.

What we need now more than ever is for someone with a track record of credibility among Democrats is to recover from that virus and publicly turn against the ideology.

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