We recorded this on Sunday, one day before the school shooting in Nashville, and unfortunately our discussion of violent radicalization is more prescient than intended. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, I promise. That’s just how the conversation starts.
Our next book-club meeting—where we’ll discuss Kathleen Stock’s Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism—will be Thursday, April 6! (Times and…
What did I do? On March 23, I tweeted this image—after confirming it wasn’t a tasteless April Fool’s Day joke!—and warned that suggestive rhetoric…
And nobody wants to hear it
Since I bungled the Doodle poll link to schedule next month’s book club, here it is again. I’ll close the poll in a few days. Victoria Smith on…
"If you are operating off the UN’s definition of genocide it is certainly already happening."
ICYMI: Genspect is hosting a conference in Killarney, Ireland, this April 27-29: “The Bigger Picture” will bring together leading lights from across the…
"If someone were to ask me what disaster this was that had befallen my life, I might ask if they wanted the story or the truth. I might say, by way of…
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